Expansion Index Consolidometer


The Expansion Index Consolidometer consolidometer is used to test remolded specimens for expansion. The sample is first compacted in a 4 x 1 in (10.1 x 2.54 cm) ring and then placed in the consolidometer with dried porous stones. The supplied 12.6 lb (5.7 kg) weight is placed on the assembled specimen which is allowed to consolidate for 10 minutes. It is then immersed in distilled water for up to 24 hours. During this time, the sample height is monitored with the dial gauge for determining the maximum swell.

Expansion Index Consolidometer

The Expansion Consolidometer is made from anodized aluminum with stainless steel hold down rods, specimen ring and weight. It is supplied with ring, porous stones and weight. Dial indicator not included.

Applicable Standards

ASTM D 4829
California UBC 29-2

S-441Expansion Index Consolidometer