EL Nulling Device


The EL Nulling Device is pocket-sized installation tool used to set the initial tilt of EL tiltmeters and beam sensors. It is compatible with both standard EL sensors and signal-conditioned (SC) EL sensors.

readout-el-nulling device

Basic Operation

EL tiltmeters and EL beam sensors are high resolution, narrow-angle tilt sensors. At installation time, these sensors should be adjusted so that their output is null or near zero. This makes the maximum range of these sensors available.

To adjust a standard sensor, the user connects the nulling device directly to the DB9 connector on the sensor board, checking that the dip switches are set properly. To adjust an SC sensor, the user connects signal cable from the sensor to a bare-wire adaptor that is supplied with the unit.

When the unit is switched on, red, yellow, and green LEDs guide the user in adjusting the sensor. When the output of the sensor is null, only the green LED is illuminated.

The EL Nulling device does not provide measurements; it is used only for installation. Measurements are obtained with either the EL Data Recorder, which can also serve as a nulling device, or a data logger.

For more information

Please download the manual for the EL Nulling Device. It can be viewed and printed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.