Equalization Exhaust "E"-Valve for Landfill Leachate and Gas Wells


The Equalization Exhaust Valve ("E" Valve for short) is placed inside the casing below the well seal but above the highest anticipated liquid level. The valve allows the high pressure pump exhaust to be released to the atmosphere and allows the low pressure exhaust to be equalized to the partial vacuum in the well bore via the small 0.031" orifice hole. The liquid level that can be achieved in the well would be the normal pump activation level, approximately 10 inches below the top of the SRX pump's head.


The down side of using this valve is a small quantity of atmospheric air is released into the well, diluting the landfill gas with each pump cycle. The up side is that there is only one moving part and there is no operator adjustment.

equalization exhaust e-valve