The Digitilt AT system includes a digital probe, control cable marked in meters or feet, a cable gate, a Bluetooth reel, the Digitilt Reader app for Android-based devices, and DigiPro2 inclinometer software.

Digital Probe

The Digitilt AT probe responds quickly, providing performance similar to the classic Digitilt system. Its short length and high quality wheels provide reliable tracking through tight curves.

Digital Probe

Lightweight Control Cable

Easy to carry and easy to handle, the lightweight control cable is also easy to read. Metric cables are graduated at half-meter intervals and labeled at meter intervals. English cables are graduated at two-foot intervals and labeled every four feet.

Lightweight Control Cable

Compact Cable Gate

The compact cable gate replaces the classic pulley and is compatible with all three casing diameters.

The cable gate aligns cable graduations precisely at the top of the casing, eliminating the potential for offsets and placement errors.

Compact Cable Gate

Android Reader & Bluetooth Reel

The modern Android OS supports high-resolution screens, touch-screen interfaces, and full internet connectivity.

The Bluetooth reel provides forty hours of operation on one charge and is available with 30, 50, 75, or 100 m of cable. English systems are available with 100, 150, 200, or 300 feet of cable.

Android Reader & Bluetooth Reel

Digitilt Reader App

The Reader app is central to the system’s simplicity and power.

  • Scan starts a survey from a QR code.
  • Survey starts a survey from a list of inclinometers.
  • Plot shows checksum, change, and profile plots.
  • Send transfers surveys by email or Dropbox.
Digitilt Reader App


Survey screens are bright and easy to read. At each depth, the Reader displays A and B readings in mm or classic "sine" units. English systems display readings in inches or sine units.

The Reader prompts when the readings stabilize. To record, simply pull the control cable upwards to the next depth. The Reader senses motion and stores the last stable reading. There is no need to hold the Reader or tap a button. Your hands stay free to work with cable and probe.

Survey screen


When the survey is complete, tap to generate instant high-resolution plots of checksums or changes. Use the plots to validate the survey before you leave the site. Share them by email or Dropbox, if you like.

high-resolution plots of checksums


It takes just a single tap to email multiple surveys to the office or transfer the surveys by Dropbox, Google Drive or other web services. The process is simple, even after a hard day in the field. If the internet is not available, you can also transfer readings via a USB cable. (No drivers or software are required).

single tap to email multiple surveys to the office

DigiPro2 Software

DigiPro2 software creates inclinometer databases, manages inclinometer data, generates plots and reports, and provides advanced routines for identifying and correcting systematic errors in data.

DigiPro2 works with both the Digitilt AT system and the Digitilt Classic system.

DigiPro2 Software

Download the Digitilt Reader App

The Digitilt Reader app is available free from Google Play. Currently supported devices are:

  • Panasonic Toughpad 10.1" (FZ-A2)
  • Panasonic Toughpad 7" (FZ-B2)
  • Samsung Tab A

If you have one of these devices, scan the QR code at right or search for the app on Google Play.

Digitilt Reader app

Digitilt AT System Travel Backpack

Easily take the AT system anywhere with our custom backpack! This custom-designed backpack offered exclusively by DGSI will ease your travel and lessen the frustration that comes with taking readings in those hard to reach places.

  • Works with attached and detached probes.
  • Already have an AT System? We will send you the parts needed for retrofitting!
  • Can be customized to support large cable loads
Digitilt AT System Travel Backpack

For More Information

Please download the datasheet on the Digitilt AT System.

Digitilt AT System Specifications

Tilt SensorsMEMS x 2MEMS x 2
Wheel Base500 mm24"
Resolution0.005 mm0.0002"
Temp Rating-20 to +70°C-4 to +158°F
Digitilt AT Probe - Metric50332510
Reel with 30m cable50334303
Reel with 50m cable50334305
Reel with 75m cable50334307
Reel with 100m cable50334310
Digitilt AT Probe - English50332500
Reel with 100' cable50334100
Reel with 150' cable50334150
Reel with 200' cable50334200
Reel with 300’ cable50334300
10" Panasonic Toughpad Reader50330940
7" Panasonic Toughpad Reader50330945
Google Nexus 7 Reader50330962K
Backpack for Digitilt AT System50330900
25m Digitilt AT Extension Cable50331225
50’ Digitilt AT Extension Cable50331250
Digitilt Reader AppDownload using the Android device, visit and search for "Digitilt Reader."
RequirementsCertified Android device, as listed on the Slope Indicator website
CapacityNumber of inclinometers and surveys is limited only by device memory. Maximum depth 300m or 1000 ft. Depth intervals are multiples of 0.5m or 2 ft
ScanScans a QR code to start survey. Use DigiPro2 to generate the QR code then fix the code to a convenient surface, such as the casing, cap, or a page in a logbook
SurveyDisplays list of inclinometers. Tap to start a survey. Tap and hold to edit inclinometer parameters
Survey ScreenLarge, readable characters. Shows active depth, depth last recorded, A and B readings in mm, inches, or sine units, checksums, and progress bar. Record button prompts user to wait, tap, or pull. Other features include easy depth changes and automatic bookmarks
Plots & DataPlots checksums, profiles, change-from-initial, and change-from-last in high resolution. Displays data table for inspection and survey-time corrections
SendSends inclinometer data to PC as email attachments or syncs via Dropbox. If internet is not available, data files are transferred via USB cable and Windows file manager