Digital Construction Moisture Tester


This resistance-type digital construction moisture tester is designed to detect moisture level in concrete, masonry, wood, plaster, gypsum, roofing and insulation - virtually any hygroscopic building material.

Digital Construction Moisture Tester


Meter features a functional plastic case with built-in handle and integral 5/16 in (7.9 mm) contact pins to permit easy one-hand operation with fingertip controls. Cable-mounted accessory electrodes with short 5/16 in or long 3-1/4 in (83 mm) pins and 36 in cable are also available for attachment to the built-in connector.

Three separate scales have ability to average up to 50 accumulated readings.

Meter measures 7.5 x 3.0 x 1.8 in (191 x 76 x 44 mm). Short 5/16 in max. penetration pins, as attached to meters or electrodes, are for concrete, brick, wood, plaster, masonry, etc. The longer 3.25 in pin electrodes for below-surface testing of roof decks or in roof or wall insulation are included. Contact pins are replaceable in both types and 6 spare short pins are provided with each order.

C-567Digital Construction Moister Tester