Dial Thermometers


Direct reading dial thermometers with dual Fahrenheit and Celsius scales and external adjustment for recalibration. Made with a stainless steel stem and internal bimetal temperature sensing element. These thermometers will maintain an accuracy of 0.5% when used with the stem immersed over 2-in (5.1 cm) in the material whose temperature is being measured. The dial is 1 ¾-in (4.5 cm) diameter and the stem is 8 in (20.3 cm) long.

dial thermometers
G-150Dial Therm. 25° to 125°F w/1 divs. and 0° to 50°C
G-151Dial Therm. 0° to 220°F w/divs. and -10° to 100C w/1° divs.
G-153Dial Therm. 50° to 550°F w/10° divs. and 10° to 290°C w/5° divs., glass face
G-161Pocket Thermometer, 25°F – 125°F, w/1° divs.
G-16112Pocket Thermometer, 25°F – 125°F, box of 12