Dial Calipers


Dial Calipers are used for measuring inside and outside lengths in inch units with readings taken from the sliding bar scale and the dial indicator. Measurements may be made with one hand, using a thumb roller for fine adjustments and a thumb screw to lock the jaws.

dial calipers

Bar graduations are 0.1 in, dial indicator graduations are 0.001 in and one revolution corresponds to 0.1 in. Available in 6- and 12-in lengths in a protective case. 6-in version is provided with a depth rod. The depth rod is an option on the 12-in model.

Digital Dial Caliper

The digital dial caliper is used for measuring inside and outside lengths in inch or metric units with readings displayed on an LCD readout. Made from hardened stainless steel with knife edge contacts. Readout provided with a push button to change units and an outlet jack for downloading data to a computer or data logger. Readout can be set to zero at any position, hold or peak at low or high readings. Depth rod attachments available.

Ranges are 0-12 or 6-300 mm with an accuracy of ±0.001 in or ±0.025 mm. Readout resolution is 0.0005 in or 0.012 mm. Operates on two 1.5 volt batteries and is supplied with a protective case.

See our deep-jaw caliper.

Outside Micrometer Caliper

Ideal for taking measurements on 6-in concrete cylinders and cubes. This caliper has a measurement range between 5.5 in and 6.5 in with a resolution of 0.001 in. The frame is made from forged steel with a black enamel finish. The standard jaw depth of the calipers are from 1.75 – to – 2 in. All numbers and graduations are etched for easy reading and durability. Supplied in a protective case.

G-191Outside Micrometer Caliper, 5.5 to 6.5 in, with case
G-192Dial Caliper, 0-6 in, with case
G-19299Depth Rod for 6-in Caliper (detachable)
G-193Dial Caliper, 0-12 in, with case
G-19399Depth Rod for 12-in Caliper (detachable)
G-194Digital Caliper, 0-6 in, with case
G-195Digital Caliper, 0-8 in, with case
G-196Digital Caliper, 0-9 in, with case
G-197Digital Caliper, 0-12 in, with case
G-19100NIST Traceable Calibration