DESPATCH Forced Draft Ovens


DESPATCH Forced Draft Ovens have a microprocessor-based digital controller that assures accurate temperature control. The welded double wall construction and glass fiber insulation reduce heat loss. UL listed. Heater has 5-year warranty.

CAUTION: Not for use with flammable solvents, combustible materials or enclosed containers.

DESPATCH Forced Draft Ovens
GO-250Forced Draft Oven, 1.75 ft3
GO-251Forced Draft Oven, 2.3 ft3
GO-252Forced Draft Oven, 4.3 ft3
GO-253Forced Draft Oven, 6.9 ft3
GO-254Forced Draft Oven, 18 ft3
GO-255Forced Draft Oven, 27.7 ft3
Note: Exhaust Stack Adapter Kit, ports, extra shelves, stand, stacking hardware available.