Dead Weight Tester



Measurement of stress induced failure in soil specimens by application of a strain at a shear plane is accomplished with this equipment. The S-490 applies dead weight loading with optional weights. Generally considered to be more sensitive at low loads.

The S-490 uses a dead weight system for applying the vertical load to the specimen. A 10:1 ratio beam allows the application of vertical loads up to 1411 lb (6.3 kN) depending on the weight set selected.

Dead Weight Tester

The operator sets horizontal travel with limit switches. Strain rates are set with digital thumb wheels. Horizontal loads are displayed on a panel-mounted E-405 Smart Digital Readout with RS-485 output. The unit is compact, self contained, and has casters.

This is not an automatic machine.

For residual shear testing option, please call.

Applicable Standards

ASTM D 3080

S-490Dead Weight Direct Shear, 110 V (ac), 50 Hz
S-49010Dead Weight Direct shear, 220 V (ac), 60 Hz