Crack Monitor


Detect and record movement of cracks in concrete, brick or masonry structures with these simple to use and inexpensive crack monitor devices.


A monitor consist of two overlapping acrylic or rigid PVC plates. One plate is marked with a millimeter grid, the other with cross hairs centered over the grid. Once installed, any movement can be easily seen and recorded on a Crack Progress Chart included with each Monitor.

Crack Monitor


C-197 Crack Monitor


C-19704 Crack Monitor


C-19702 Crack Monitor

Crack Width Gauge

The C-198 Crack Width Gauge is used to measure crack widths up to 7 mm wide on one scale and up to 160 mm on the other scale.

C-198 Crack Width Gauge

C-198 Crack Width Gauge
C-197Standard Crack Monitor
C-19702Corner CrackMonitor
C-19704Displacement CrackMonitor
C-198Crack Width Gauge (acrylic)