Corps of Engineers Dual-Mass Cone Penetrometer


Features threaded connectors

The S-222 Dual-Mass Cone Penetrometer is designed in strict adherence to all original design specifications including the overall weight of the unit set forth by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and ASTM D6951-03. The S-222 features the exclusive easy-grip hammer that provides a finger perch machined into the back side of the hammer flange, which provides easy, non-slip lifting when performing a test. Its exclusive, threaded coupling system ensures long-life of drive rods and extensions by providing a tight, positive connection every time, which eliminates the loss of hammer blow energy through the connections.

dual-mass cone penetrometer

While sold as a dual-mass model, the S-222 can quickly be converted to a single mass unit by removing the hexagonal set screw and removing the outer sleeve from the dual mass hammer. This procedure can be accomplished during a test, since the outer sleeve is designed to slide over the DCP handle. The cone penetration caused by one blow of the 8 kg hammer is essentially twice that caused by one blow of the 4.6 kg hammer. As a result, the 4.6 kg hammer is more suitable for use and yields better test results in weaker soils having CBR of 10% or less. It can also be used for evaluating soils in foundations for residential structures which require bearing value of 2000 PSF (approximate CBR of 6%). The 8 kg hammer is preferable for high-strength soils, which it penetrates more quickly than the 4.6 kg hammer. However, the 4.6 kg hammer can be used on soils up to CBR 80%.

The S-222 includes:

  • dual-mass slide hammer assembly
  • 1-meter drive rod with hardened tip
  • disposable cone tip adapter
  • 25 disposable tips
  • vertical scale
  • go/ no-go gauge
  • all necessary wrenches
  • user manual with spreadsheet software template
  • heavy-duty, crush-proof Pelican carrying case

Shipping wt. 65 lbs. (29.5kg)

Applicable Standards

ASTM D6951-03

S-222Dual-Mass COE Cone Penetrometer