Chloride Test Kit


On-site testing for the chloride content of concrete is easily done with this Chloride Test Kit. Chloride ion concentration in concrete is used to determine the need for maintenance on concrete structures. The Test Kit provides for the measurement of acid soluble chlorides in concrete.

Chloride Test Kit

A concrete dust sample is collected using a drill and dust collecting pan with clamp and anchor. After mixing and quartering, a 3 g sample is weighed and added to one of the prefilled acid extraction bottles. The pre-wetted chloride and temperature electrode is placed in the bottle. C-563 covers a range from 0.002% to 2% chloride by weight. The digital display shows direct reading of lbs/cu. yd. and percentage of chloride by weight.


The Chloride Test Kit includes:

• Chloride/Temperature combination electrode with cables and connectors
• Electronic meter with temperature compensation circuits for direct conversion to percent chloride
• 12 pre-filled extraction liquid jars and 5 calibration solutions in plastic jars
• Accessory pack: Spray bottle of distilled water, electrode wetting solution, dust collecting pan, clamp, anchors, drill bit, scales, instructions and briefcase.

C-563Chloride Test Kit