Bunsen and Meker Burners


Choose from DGSI's selection of Bunsen and Meker Burners.

The Bunsen Burner produces over 5,000 BTU per hour, using natural gas. It has two adjustable air inlets, tip esistant base and a replaceable flame retainer.

The Meker Burner heat output is in excess of 12,000 BTU per hour using LP gas. A stainless steel grid top with 100 openings ensures uniform heating. The Meker burner is made with a chrome plated brass body and zinc-aluminum base. An adjustable air shutter and gas orifices ensure complete combustion.

bunsen burner
GO-240Bunsen Burner for natural gas
GO-241Meker Burner for LP gas
GO-242Meker Burner for natural gas