Bailers and SUPERBAILER™


Bailers and the SUPERBAILER™ are used for quickly sampling water and measuring product thickness.


The unique design of the SUPERBAILER™ includes a flat bottom to sink faster, a sediment trap to channel sediments away from the check ball and prevent leakage, and an inlet diameter equal to that of the sample chamber (when hydrocarbon layers are sampled, they maintain virtually the same thickness in the bailer as in the well). Fast emptying. Remains full on retrieval.

Bailer - Top Pour

Top Pour

Bailer - Bottom Discharge

Bottom Discharge

bailer - voc discharge

VOC Discharge

TR-5021.6" x 36" Single Use Bailer, Non-Wtd, Poly, 25/cs
TR-502101.6" x 36" Single Use Bailer, Bottom-Wtd, Poly, 25/cs
TR-504103/4" x 40" Disposable Bailer, Double-Wtd, Poly, 25/cs
TR-503SUPERBAILER 1.6" x 36", Non-Wtd, Poly, 25/cs
TR-50310SUPERBAILER 1.6" x 36", Top-Wtd, Poly, 25/cs