Main Specifications

Each channel is individually configured by the user.

Power supply: 5 V DC / 12 V DC / 24 V DC up to 60 mA selectable for each channel.

GtecLink analog-top

Battery Life Estimation

Channels & SamplingCurrent @12V@24mACurrent @24V@24mAVoltage @12V@24mAFWB@5V@0.7FWB@5V@1.5
Warm uptime1 second1 second1 second
1 CH 5 min.6 months4 months5 months1.5 years1.5 years
1 CH 6 hours>10 years>10 years>10 years8.5 years>10 years
4 CH 5 min.1.5 months39 days2 months1.5 months7 months
4 CH 6 hours8 years6.5 years>10 years8.5 years>10 years
*Estimations for 4 x saft LSH 14 batteries. Considering laboratory.

Datasheet & Manual