AMS Hand Augers


The AMS Hand Augers with threaded connections are available in models designed for regular, mud/clay and sandy soils as shown above. These Standard Augers are made with a stainless steel cylinder, formed carbon steel bail and hand forged, heat treated, high carbon steel bits. The bits dig in as the auger is turned and cut a hole from 3/8 to 3/4 in (1-2 cm) larger than the cylinder to reduce the effort required. Available in nine cylinder sizes from 1 1/2 to 6 in (3.8 to 15.2 cm), popular sizes are detailed in the table.

AMS Hand Augers

A threaded coupling is used to connect the auger head and cross handle to the extension. The Extensions are available in lengths of 3, 4 or 5 ft (91,122 or 152 cm) and are made from strong, but lightweight, chrome molybdenum steel. Select from the available standard, rubber coated or ratcheting cross handles. Available in stainless steel.

Note: Can be adapted to DGE extension/handles using S-11060, S-11070, S-11160, S-11170.

AMS Threaded Regular, Mud and Sand Augers
S-11401Regular Auger, 2.25 in Threaded
S-11402Regular Auger, 2.75 in Threaded
S-11403Regular Auger, 3.25 in Threaded
S-11404Regular Auger, 4 in Threaded
S-11411Mud Auger, 2.25 in Threaded
S-11412Mud Auger, 2.75 in Threaded
S-11413Mud Auger, 4 in Threaded
S-11414Mud Auger, 4 in Threaded
S-11421Sand Auger, 2.25 in Threaded
S-11422Sand Auger, 2.75 in Threaded
S-11423Sand Auger, 3.25 in Threaded
S-11424Sand Auger, 4 in Threaded
AMS Threaded Extensions and Cross Handles
S-11433Extension, 3 ft Threaded
S-11434Extension, 4 ft Threaded
S-11435Extension, 5 ft Threaded
S-1145416 in Cross Handle Ratchet, Threaded
S-1145318 in Cross Handle Rubber Ctd., 5/8 in Threaded