2000g Vacuum Pycnometers


Both large capacity vacuum pycnometers include an aluminum volumetric canister, volumetric lid, flat Plexiglass vacuum lid with O-ring, volumeter, release valve, fittings, a metal aspirator with 3/8 inch IPT fittings and 6 ft of hose.

large capacity vacuum pycnometers

The A-516 is a vacuum pycnometer used in Rice Testing for bituminous mixes with maximum aggregate size of ¾ in. (19.1 mm). The 2000 g capacity vacuum pycnometer has 4.5 liter (1.2 gal) capacity. A transparent lid on the pycnometer allows the operator to observe the bubble release from the asphalt sample during the vacuum test. A second volumetric lid of machined aluminum, tapered with a capillary bore, is provided so the unit can be used as a volumeter for determing the specific gravity of compacted bituminous mixes.

The A-518 is a 1500 gram capacity vacuum pycnometer with a 4-in. deep chamber. This vacuum pycnometer is used for mixes with aggregate sizes up to 0.5 inch.

Applicable Standards

ASTM D 2041 (Type E) AASHTO T 209, T 283

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