Temperature Sensors

Temperature Sensors


Temperature sensors are used to monitor the heat of hydration in mass concrete structures. They can also be used to monitor migration of ground water or seepage.

Sensor Type

  • Vibrating wire temperature sensors offer high accuracy and are convenient when other types of VW sensors are used.
  • Resistance temperature sensors (RTDs or Thermistors) are a less precise, but economical alternative to the vibrating wire sensor.
Temperature Sensors


The VW temperature sensor consists of a stainless steel body, a wire held in tension within the body, an electromagnetic coil, and signal cable. The body of the sensor expands and contracts with changes in temperature, increasing or decreasing the tension of the wire inside the body. When a readout is connected to the sensor, it sends an electric pulse to coil, which plucks the wire and causes it to vibrate at its natural frequency. A second coil picks up the vibration and returns a frequency to the readout. The frequency reading is converted to units of temperature by applying calibration factors.

The resistance temperature sensor consists of a stainless steel body, an RTD or thermistor inside the body, and a signal cable. The resistance of the RTD or thermistor varies with temperature. Resistance temperature sensors can be read with standard VW readouts, which have built-in conversion factors to convert the resistance reading to units of temperature.


  • High Accuracy: The VW temperature sensor has an accuracy better than ± 0.3°C. Resistance temperature sensors offer an accuracy of ± 0.5°C.
  • VW Compatible: The VW temperature sensor is especially convenient when there are other VW sensors at the site.
  • Manual or Automatic Readings: Both types of temperaure sensor can be read manually using the VW Data Recorder or automatically using a data logger. Data logger connections for resistance sensors are different from those for VW sensors.
  • Reliable Signal Transmission: The strong VW signal can be transmitted reliably over long distances with properly shield cable.

For more information

Please download PDF datasheets and manuals. They can be viewed and printed with Adobe Reader.

Datasheet for both VW and Resistance Temperature Sensors

Manual for the VW Temperature Sensor

Manual for the Resistance Temperature Sensor

Temperature Sensors Specifications

VW Temperature Sensor 52631510
Sensor Type Pluck type vibrating wire sensor with built-in thermistor or RTD and transient protection device
Range -20 to 80°C (100° Span). Other ranges available on special order
Resolution 0.025% FS
Calibration Accuracy ±0.5% FS
Response Time 2.5 minutes for 60% of full thermal equilibrium
Full Thermal Equilibrium 15 minutes
Dimensions 19 x 115 mm (0.75 x 4.5")
Materials Brass body
Weight 145 g (0.32 lb.)
Signal Cable 50613524 Shielded cable with four copper conductors and cable jacket rated to 80°C. Specify cable length required for each sensor
RTD Temperature Sensor 92600056
Thermistor Temperature Sensor 92600057 These economical temperature sensors employ resistance temperature devices rather than vibrating wire transducers. When read by standard VW readouts, they return a reading in degrees C. Otherwise, they return a voltage reading that can be converted to units of temperature by applying calibration factors.
Sensor Type RTD (2 k ohm) or Thermistor (3 k ohm)
Range -20 to 80°C. Other ranges available
Resolution 0.2°C with VW Data Recorder
Accuracy ±0.5°C FS
Dimensions 9.5 x 101 mm (0.375 x 4")
Materials Brass body
Weight 50g (0.11 lb.)
Signal Cable Same as VW temperature sensor
Readout and Data Loggers VW Data Recorder and most types of data loggers
Signal Cable 50613524 Shielded cable with four copper conductors and cable jacket rated to 80°C. Specify cable length required for each sensor. Can be used with VW, RTD, or Thermistors
High-Temperature Signal Cable 52602320 For use only with RTDs or thermistors. Shielded cable with two copper conductors and thermal rubber jacket rated to 115°C
VW Data Recorder 52613500 VW Data Recorder reads VW sensors and returns a reading in volts. It also reads RTDs and Thermistors and returns a reading in degrees C
Jumper to Terminal Box 52613557
Terminal Box for 6 sensors 57711606 Provides terminals for signal cable from 6, 12, or 24 sensors. Sensors are selected by rotary switch. Small 6-sensor box is 240 x 190 x 120 mm (9.5 x 7.5 x 4.75"). Larger 12 and 24-sensor box measures 290 x 345 x 135 mm (11.5 x 13.5 x 5.25")
Terminal Box for 12 Sensors 57711600
Terminal Box for 24 Sensors 97711624