S-640 Universal Test Frame

S-640 Universal Test Frame


Designed for a wide range of needs in the soils, asphalt and concrete laboratory, the Model S-640 Universal Test Frame will apply up to 40,000 lbf of down force or tension. The high efficiency direct motor drive system and reduction unit provides high torque with low power input.

The LCD display allows the user to:

  • Select Speed (0.2 in/min to 0.001 in/min)*
  • Select Platen Travel (3 in maximum)
  • Return Home
  • Rapid Up or Down
  • Start Stop

*Other speed ranges are available

S-640 Universal Test Frame

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Model Description
S-640 Universal Test Frame, 110 V, 60 Hz
S-64010 Universal Test Frame, 240 V, 50 Hz