Ro-Tap Sieve™ Shakers

Ro-Tap Sieve™ Shakers


There are two models of Ro-Tap Sieve™ Shakers available.  One is for 8 in sieves, P-231, and the other for 12 in sieves, P-240. Both provide a circular and tapping motion that closely emulates hand sieving. The P-231 is designed for shaking up to 6 full height 8 in sieves with pan and cover. The P-240 is for 3, 12 in sieves with pan and cover. 220 volt 50 Hz models are also available.


Rugged all steel construction features a vertically mounted and enclosed 1/4 HP motor and 30 minute timer. The machine may be easily fastened to a work top for added stability. Overall size 28 in W x 21 in D x 25 in H (71.1 x 53.3 x 63.5 cm).

Ro-Tap Sieve™ Shakers
P-231 Ro-Tap™ Shaker, 8 in 110 V, 60 Hz
P-23110 Ro-Tap™ Shaker, 8 in 220 V, 50 Hz
P-240 Ro-Tap™ Shaker, 12 in 110 V, 60 Hz
P-242 Ro-Tap™Shaker, 12 in 220 V, 60 Hz