Minimate Hydrophones

The Hydrophone for the Minimate Pro measures overpressure activity underwater. Overpressure, typically produced by blasting activities, can damage underwater structures and ecosystems. They can also cause behavioural or physiological changes in fish and other marine mammals. Potential effects can negatively impact their health and reproduction. To ensure that you are within environmental regulations the Hydrophone can measure pressure changes up to 47 psi. Four hydrophones can be connected to the Minimate Pro4 and up to six on the Minimate Pro6.

Installation is easy – just connect the Hydrophone to a Minimate Pro monitoring unit and then drop it into the water. Whether you are in calm or turbid water, the Hydrophone will take an ambient pressure reading and then record any changes to that pressure. With sensors encased in a high impact polyurethane, the Hydrophone is designed to handle maximum depths of 250 feet.

Since overpressure can be higher in frequency but short in duration, Instantel recommends the sampling rate for the hydrophone be set to 65,536 Hz on the Minimate Pro unit. THOR’s advanced features are required to program the 65 kHz.

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Product Name Hydrophone
Frequency Range 8 to 500 Hz
Amplitude Range Up to 47 psi (324 kPa)