Minimate Geophones

The Minimate Pro triaxial Geophones measure ground vibration in three planes: vertical, transverse and longitudinal. There are four geophones compatible with the Minimate Pro monitoring unit. Each geophone measures a unique frequency range conforming to standards such as the ISEE and DIN specifications. For easy identification, the geophone lids are color coded by standard.

The ISEE and DIN geophones are used to measure ground vibrations induced by construction, blasting, mining, quarry and other operations. Since these vibrations can cause damage to property and structures, local, state and federal regulations govern the levels of vibration these activities can create. Monitoring the vibration levels with an Instantel geophone can help you adjust your vibration inducing activities before these limits are reached and concerns develop. It can also serve as a record that to protect you against future claims and liability.

The High Frequency Geophone for the Minimate Pro monitor is designed to measure frequency ranges from 30 to 1000 Hz. Vibration levels dissipate as they travel farther away from the blast. When measuring vibrations for blast design, you need a geophone that can measure closer to the blast. As you get closer to the vibration source, the frequencies increase. Recording the vibration with a High Frequency Geophone ensures that you capture all of the required frequencies.

The Vibration Dose Value (VDV) Geophone from Instantel measure vibrations between 1 and 80 Hz. It conforms to industry standards for human exposure to vibration. When vibration levels are high enough, they can have adverse health effects on human beings such as chronic fatigue, numbness or joint pain. Repeated exposure to vibrations can have similar effects. The VDV Geophone provides more resolution in your data and ensures that your VDV calculations are within limits. For construction companies or transit authorities, it can serve as proof that your activities were not adversely impacting neighbor building occupants.

Each Instantel geophone is designed with an aluminum housing that stands up to the toughest conditions, they are designed to withstand long-term installations. The geophone can be bolted directly to hard surfaces or it can be spiked into a soft surfaces. The geophone connects directly to the color-coded geophone port on the Micromate monitoring unit and comes in cable lengths of 2m or 5m. While these cable lengths are standard, Instantel also offers custom cable lengths up to 1000 meters.

Product Name ISEE Geophone DIN Geophone Vibration Dose Value Geophone High Frequency Geophone*
Compliance Standard ISEE 2011 Edition DIN 45669-1 Class 1 DIN 45669-1 Class 1 N/A
Frequency Range 2 to 250 Hz 1 to 315 Hz 1 to 80 Hz 30 to 1000 Hz
Measurement Range Up to 10 in/s Up to 10 in/s Up to 10 in/s Up to 100 in/s