Micromate Protective Boot and Cover

The protective boot and cover have been specifically designed to protect the Micromate unit and provide flexibility when mounting the unit. The robust protective boot and separate protective cover offer an easy-on, easy-off installation. The Micromate Boot can be mounted to a wall permanently and then when needed, the Micromate can easily be fit into the Boot.

The clear protective cover has been designed to hinge at either end. It protects the Micromate’s screen against damage and the elements while offering the operator easy access to the unit’s touch screen. The cover panel is designed to prevent water from pooling on the unit. Each end of the cover has a curved lip to help prevent drainage directly onto the connectors, while the sides drain to the outside of the boot.

The protective boot is made of a durable silicon based compound. This material has been designed to handle temperature extremes in excess of -50°C and 100°C (-58°F to 212°F) and still remain flexible. Construction sites, mines, quarries and other job sites are constantly changing and can often have adverse weather conditions. The Boot protects the Micromate unit from any accidental dropping, crushing or other impacts. The Micromate Protective Boot and Cover is an inexpensive way to protect your investment in the Micromate monitoring unit.