Micromate Borehold Geophones

The triaxial Borehole Geophone is lowered into a borehole to measure ground vibration in three planes: vertical, transverse and longitudinal. Vibrations from construction activities, blasting and other applications can travel through the ground and cause damage to underground structures. The Borehole Geophone can be lowered into a hole to monitor the effects of the vibration directly next to the structure without the need for regression analysis. Monitoring vibrations with an Instantel geophone can prevent any damage done to underground sewers, tunnels, gas lines or other structures.

The Micromate Borehole Geophone is rugged and water resistant. The internal sensors are mounted in an aluminum case which is filled with epoxy to protect against contaminants commonly found in boreholes, like water, dust or dirt. The Micromate Borehole Geophone comes in two standard cable lengths: 30 meters (100 ft) and 75 meters (250 ft). The Borehole Geophone can also be custom built with up to 1000 meters of cable. It is compatible with any Micromate monitoring unit and can be calibrated to meet industry standards like the International Society of Explosive Engineers (ISEE), DIN, Swedish blasting or Swedish pile driving.

Product Name ISEE Borehole Geophone DIN Borehole Geophone Swedish Blasting Borehole Geophone Swedish Pile Driving Borehole Geophone
Compliance Standard ISEE 2011 Edition DIN 45669-1 Class 1 SS4604866, 2011 SS025211
Frequency Range 2 to 250 Hz 1 to 315 Hz 5 to 300 Hz 2 to 150 Hz
Measurement Range Up to 10 in/s Up to 10 in/s 0.039 TO 9.84 in/s 0.0039 TO 0.98 in/s