MEMS Deep-Water Tiltmeter

MEMS Deep-Water Tiltmeter


The MEMS Deep-Water Tiltmeter is a compact, waterproof tiltmeter designed for monitoring changes in the inclination of an underwater structure. With a range of ±10 degrees and pressure rating of 3.5 MPa (500 psi), the tiltmeter is suitable for applications such as:

  • Monitoring the behavior of the concrete face of rockfill dams
  • Monitoring rotation of piers, piles, and retaining walls.


The MEMS Deep-Water Tiltmeter consists of a MEMS tilt sensor housed in a brass enclosure.
The MEMS Deep-Water Tiltmeter is fixed to the structure via a custom bracket that can welded to steel or bolted to an anchor that is epoxied into concrete or rock. Because the tiltmeter has a relatively wide range, careful zeroing of the sensor is not required.

Tilt readings are obtained with a data logger or a portable readout. Readings are in volts and are converted to angles by applying conversion factors. Changes in tilt are found by comparing the current reading to the initial reading.


Wide Range: The deep-water tiltmeter has a range of ±10°, so it can be installed without careful zeroing.

Robust & Reliable: The tiltmeter has no moving parts and its brass housing is impervious to most water chemistry.

Rated for High Pressure: The tiltmeter is pressure tested to 3.5 MPa of water pressure.

Ready for Data Logging: The deep-water tiltmeter can be connected to a data logger that monitors movement continuously and can trigger an alarm when threatening movements are detected.

For more information

Please download the datasheet and manual for the MEMS Deep-Water Tiltmeter. These documents can be viewed and printed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.


MEMS Deep-Water Tiltmeter Specifications

MEMS Tiltmeter ±10°, Uniaxial 57803101
MEMS Tiltmeter ±10°, Biaxial 57803102
MEMS Tiltmeter ±20°, Uniaxial 57803201
MEMS Deepwater Tiltmeter, ±10°, Uniaxial 57803301
MEMS Deepwater Tiltmeter, ±10°, Biaxial 57803302
Tiltmeter includes angle bracket, 5 m of signal cable, calibration record, an user manual. Anchor is not included. Please note that the Deepwater Tiltmeter does not include an angle bracket
Sensor Type MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) sensor for tilt readings and a 3K ohm thermistor for temperature readings
Range ±10 degrees or ±20 degrees
Resolution 9 arc seconds, using a 13 bit readout device such as the CR1000 datalogger
Repeatability ±22 arc seconds
Calibration 11-point calibration taken at three temperatures from -8 to 40 °C
Input Power 8 to 15 Vdc
Output Signal ±2.5 Vdc
Body Stainless steel. Waterproof to 20m
Dimensions 32 x 190 mm (1.25 x 7.5"). Mounting stud is M8
Signal Cable 50613527 Cable has seven 22-gauge tinned-copper conductors, shield, and polyurethane jacket. The standard product includes 5 m of cable. Custom lengths of cable can be special ordered
Angle Bracket included with std tiltmeter The angle bracket included with the tiltmeter is suitable for most applications. It can be welded to steel or bolted to an anchor. The bracket does not include an anchor
Embedment Mounting Bracket 97803115 This special-order bracket provides a way to stand the tiltmeter on sloping surfaces, such as the concrete face of a rock-fill dam. The bracket is grouted into a drill hole
Epoxy Grout Kit 57803133 Includes plastic dispenser and cartridge of quick-set epoxy grout. Sufficient for 15 anchors
Anchors are used in concrete or rock. Order one anchor per tiltmeter.
Expansion Anchor 57803128 Includes anchor, bolt, and washer. Install in 9.5 x 64 mm (3/8 x 2.5") drill hole.
Groutable Anchor with Bolt 57803130 Includes anchor, bolt, and washer. Install in 13 x 90mm ( 0.5 x 3.5") drill hole. Requires epoxy grout be
EL/MEMS Data Recorder 56813500 The EL/MEMS Data Recorder is a portable readout that displays and stores tilt readings in volts and temperature readings in degrees C. Includes software for transferring stored readings to a Windows PC
Terminal Box for 12 Sensors 57711600 Terminal box allows connection of up to 12 tiltmeters. Sensors are selected by a rotary switch. Fiberglass box measures 290 x 345 x 135mm (11.5 x 13.5 x 5.25")
Jumper Cable 56813557 Jumper cable is required to connect the Data Recorder to the terminal box
M-Logger 58810100 The M-Logger, shown above, is a simple data logger dedicated to MEMS sensors. It reads one tiltmeter connected directly or up to 16 sensors connected via a multiplexer. See separate datashee
Campbell Scientific Loggers The Campbell Scientific CR1000 data logger allows direct connection of two biaxial sensors or three uniaxial sensors. Adding a multiplexer increases the capacity to 16 uniaxial or biaxial sensors. Up to five multiplexers can be added to the CR1000 data logger