HydraSleeve ™

HydraSleeve ™

HydraSleeve is a new, disposable, passive, no-purge, ground-water sampler for all contaminants


  • Short and long term monitoring
  • Low yield wells
  • UST applications
  • Discrete interval sampling and vertical profiling.

The HydraSleeve™ “cores” a water sample from a defined interval within the well screen, then seals itself.

hydrasleeve in use

Why use the HydraSleeve?

  • HydraSleeve samplers are inexpensive, disposable, and easy to use.
  • A discrete, instantaneous "core" of water is collected from a precisely defined vertical and horizontal interval.
  • Samples are collected with little or no aeration, agitation, degassing, or displacement.
  • Samples can be collected at in-situ pressure and analyzed for all parameters.
  •  HydraSleeve samples do not blend fluid from different vertical and/or horizontal zones
hydrasleeve in use


  • Limited sample volume.
  • One shot sample method.

Other Uses

  • Sample crooked or damaged wells.
  • Vertically define contaminant concentrations in wells.
  • Collect samples from discrete intervals in surface water bodies and tanks.

No-Purge Groundwater Sampler

Unlike any other groundwater sampler, the HydraSleeve instantaneously "cores" a whole water sample from a defined vertical and horizontal interval (usually within the well screen). HydraSleeve samples do not blend fluid from different vertical zones or pull water in from outside the well screen, but instead sample via ambient and/or diffusive flow of groundwater through the well screen.
The sample is collected without purging and with very little downwell disturbance, providing excellent control of turbidity. This minimizes the time spent on filtration of turbid samples typically collected after purging with a bailer or submersible pump.
Samples can be collected at in-situ pressure with almost no aeration or degassing. This prevents alteration due to loss of volatiles or oxidation of sensitive parameters. Samples can be analyzed for all parameters.
HydraSleeve samplers are inexpensive, disposable, and very quick and easy to use, resulting in significant savings on startup and ongoing costs when compared to other sampling equipment such as bailers or pumps.

HydraSleeve Full Description

HydraSleeve is the best available technology for sampling low yield wells. It is suitable for both short and long term groundwater monitoring, and is especially useful in narrow, constricted, or damaged wells. It can also be used to sample discrete intervals from surface water bodies and tanks.
Cost savings of HydraSleeve sampling (typically 50 to 75%) make it an extremely effective option for monitoring UST leaks, dry cleaning plants, and other small-scale point-source contaminant sites.
Samples collected with the HydraSleeve correlate well to other sampling methods, and it can even be used for special challenges such as in-well vertical profiling of multi layered contaminant concentrations.

Model Description
TR-490 1.6" OD x 30" Disposable Sample Sleeve
TR-495 2.75" OD x 30" Disposable Sample Sleeve
TR-49001 Reusable 8 oz. Stainless Steel Weight with Clip
TR-49002 Stainless Steel Clip Only
We can supply custom-made tethers and well caps with hangers
hydrasleeve in use

Disposable sample sleeve shown with additional stainless steel weight and clip (sold separately)