Forced Circulation Ovens

Forced Circulation Ovens


This series of forced circulation ovens is a favorite for soil moisture content determinations. The GO-220 is best liked for soils and the GO-222 is the first choice for both soils and asphalt. The GO-224 provides up to 550°F (288°C) temperatures for asphalt testing.


These economical, forced-circulation bench ovens feature large work spaces and portability with a power cord connector. They can be stacked to conserve space. An adapter to vent exhaust fumes is available. All models come with two adjustable shelves with weight carrying capacities of 50 lb each.

forced circulation ovens

Forced Circulation Ovens Specifications

Forced Circulation Ovens Specifications
GO-220 7 ft³ Forced Cir. Oven, 326°F, 115 V
GO-22010 7 ft³ Forced Cir. Oven, 326°F, 230 V
GO-222 7 ft³ Forced Cir. Oven, 437°F, 115 V
GO-22210 7 ft³ Forced Cir. Oven, 437°F, 230 V
GO-224 6.6 ft³ Forced Cir. Oven, 550°F, 230 V