Ductility Testing Machine

Ductility Testing Machine


The Ductility Testing Machine is used for determining the ductility of bituminous and asphalt/cement materials. This testing machine will test three briquets simultaneously, maintaining constant speed selections of ¼, 1 or 5 cm per minute. Zero-adjustable pointer monitors movement of carriage. Elongation capacity of 150 cm with automatic stop.

Ductility Testing Machine


Trough is stainless steel. Gears are bronze and fittings are brass to prevent rusting. Comes complete with 6 ft power cord, switch and 3 standard briquet molds with plates.

Applicable Standards

ASTM D 113

Model Description
A-300 Ductility Testing Machine, 110 V, 60 Hz
AM-176 Ductility Testing Machine, 220 V, 50 Hz