4-20mA Titanium Piezometer

4-20mA Titanium Piezometer


4-20mA Titanium Piezometer

The 4-20mA Titanium Piezometer is designed for compatibility with industrial data loggers, the titanium piezometer is used to monitor water levels and pressure. Typical applications include:

  • Monitoring pore-water pressures in corrosive environments such as salt water.
  • Monitoring rapid changes in pore-water pressure such as those produced by earthquakes.
  • Monitoring water levels in pumping tests.


This piezometer is typically suspended in a well. Signal cable from the piezometer is terminated at a readout station, where it can be connected to a data logger or readout device. Water pressure acts on diaphragm of the piezometer and semiconductor strain gauges bonded to the inside of the diaphragm sense the pressure and output a signal that is proportional to the pressure on the diaphragm. The signal is transmitted to the data logger or readout device via a 4-20mA loop circuit.


High Resistance to Corrosion: All metal parts, including the diaphragm, are made from titanium.

High Resistance to Noise: The electronics of the piezometer are highly resistant to electrical noise, such as that generated by pumps.

Compatible with Industrial Data Loggers and Readouts: The titanium piezometer incorporates a 4-20mA transmitter to provide compatibility with standard industrial data acquisition systems.

Suitable for Dynamic Monitoring: The piezometer can be read continously.


For more information

Please download the datasheet and manual for the 4-20mA Titanium Piezometer. They can be viewed and printed with Adobe Acrobat Reader.