Piezometers Applications

Piezometers measure pore-water pressure and ground water levels. They help engineers to:

  • Understand initial site conditions.
  • Determine safe rates for placement of fill
  • Predict slope stability.
  • Design and build for lateral earth pressures and uplift pressures.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of drainage schemes.
  • Check the performance of containment systems.

Earthfill Dam   Piezometer applications for earthfill dam

  • Determine safe rates of construction
  • Monitor performance of clay core
  • Monitor seepage
  • Monitor performance of cutoff wall
  • Monitor uplift pressures

Tailings PondPiezometer applications for Tailings Pond

  • Control construction
  • Monitor consolidation
  • Monitor seepage

EmbankmentsPiezometer applications for embankments

  • Determine safe rates of construction
  • Monitor drainage schemes
  • Monitor consolidation

LandslidesPiezometer applications for landslides

  • Predict stability of slope
  • Calculate soil mass

Retaining WallPiezometer applications for retaining walls

  • Calculate load applied to wall
  • Evaluate drainage systems

Diaphram WallPiezometer applications for diaphram wall

  • Understand initial site conditions
  • Calculate load applied to wall
  • Monitor draw-down due to dewatering
  • Monitor uplift pressures on floor of excavation

DewateringPiezometer applications for dewatering

  • Evaluate efficiency of pumping scheme
  • Provide early warning of flooding

Dynamic CompactionPiezometer applications for dynamic compaction

  • Evaluate consolidation
  • Evaluate drainage systems

Pile TestPiezometer applications for pile test

  • Monitor pore-water pressures generated by pile driving