January 08 2018

Piezometer Applications

Piezometers Applications Piezometers measure pore-water pressure and ground water levels. They help engineers to: Understand initial site conditions. Determine safe rates for placement of fill Predict slope stability. Design and build for lateral earth pressures and uplift pressures. Evaluate the effectiveness of drainage schemes. Check the performance of containment systems. Earthfill Dam    Determine safe rates […]

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December 08 2017

Horizontal Inclinometer Probe

Applications Horizontal inclinometers are used to obtain high resolution profiles of settlement or heave. Typical applications include monitoring settlement and heave under storage tanks, embankments, dams, and landfills. Operation The Digitilt horizontal inclinometer system consists of inclinometer casing, a horizontal probe, control cable, pull cable, and a readout unit. The inclinometer casing is installed in […]

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November 08 2017

Inclinometer Casing

Types of Inclinometer Casing Inclinometer casing is a special purpose pipe used in inclinometer installations. It performs three functions: It maintains access for the inclinometer probe, allowing it to obtain subsurface measurements. It controls the orientation of the probe via internal grooves. It conforms to movement of the surrounding ground. When you buy inclinometer casing, […]

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October 09 2017

EL In-Place Inclinometer Sensors

Applications Datasheet for EL In-Place Inclinometer Sensors Manual for EL In-Place Inclinometer Sensors A real-time alternative to the traversing probe type of inclinometer, the in-place inclinometer employs a fixed string of sensors and does not require an on-site operator. It is ideal for data logging and real-time, remote monitoring for critical applications such as construction control. Typical […]

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September 07 2017


Extensometers Applications Extensometers are used to measure movements of soil and rock along a single axis. Applications for extensometers include: Monitoring settlement in excavations, foundations, and embankments. Monitoring subsidence above mines and tunnels. Monitoring movements in rock slides, walls, and abutments. Monitoring consolidation of soil under embankments and surcharges. Monitoring compression of piles and soil […]

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