October 07 2022

DGSI: The complete solution

Learn about our complete line of products and services – On a page!

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August 28 2022

Tutorial: Downhole Casing Accessories

Casing Anchors and Grout Valves improve the quality of every casing installation and they help to avoid costly installation errors. This tutorial outlines how and when to use these valuable tools.

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August 24 2018


An inclinometer is used to monitor subsurface movements and deformations. Typical applications for inclinometers include detecting zones of movement, checking deformations that are within design limits, verifying stability of dams, and monitoring settlement profiles of embankments, foundations, and other structures. An inclinometer system has two components: (1) inclinometer casing and (2) an inclinometer measurement system.

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August 13 2018

Consolidometers Introduction

Consolidometers Choose from DGSI’s selection of consolidometers below. Terraload Pneumatic Consolidation Device Dead Weight Consolidation Load Frame Expansion Index Consolidometer Constant Rate of Strain Consolidometer Fixed Ring Consolidometer Floating Ring Consolidometer More Information on Consolidometer Selection Durham Geo offers both the pneumatic loading consolidometer (S-450 Terraload) and the lever type consolidometer (S-449 dead weight Load Frame). […]

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July 09 2018

Low Flow Sampling: What’s New and Why?

Low Flow Sampling: What’s New and Why? Printable PDF Version Low Flow Sampling and Purging is a relatively new technique, based upon the use of a submerged pump that can be adjusted to deliver ground water to the surface at rates from less than 100 m per minute to a maximum of 1 per minute. […]

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June 08 2018

Ground Water Products Introduction

Ground Water Products Durham Geo’s ground water products include active,passive, and solar remediation, submersible pumps, low flow sampling pumps, and ground water purging pumps. Most popular products Printed Catalog Environmental Catalog (PDF, 12.1 MB) Applications Active Remediation Passive Remediation Submersible Pumps Solar Remediation Passive Soil Vapor Extraction Low Flow Sampling Groundwater Purging Pump Accessories Instrumentation Air Compressors […]

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May 08 2018


Introduction to Tiltmeters EL Tiltmeter EL tiltmeters are high resolution, narrow-angle tiltmeters ideally suited for monitoring structures. Advantages: Accurate, high-resolution measurements, can be read remotely, easily automated, compact, reusable, reasonable cost. Limitations: Some applications require temperature corrections, although careful placement of the tiltmeter can minimize this need. EL Beam Sensor EL beam sensors are similar to EL […]

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April 09 2018

VW Piezometers

Vibrating Wire Piezometers VW Piezometer Applications Typical applications for VW piezometers are: Monitoring pore water pressures to determine safe rates of fill or excavation. Monitoring pore water pressures to determine slope stability. Monitoring the effects of dewatering systems used for excavations. Monitoring the effects of ground improvement systems such as vertical drains and sand drains. […]

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March 08 2018

Piezometer Comparison

   Standpipe  Vibrating Wire  Pneumatic  Titanium Range Depth of standpipe 10,25, 50,100,250,500 psi .07,1.8, 3.5, 7, 17, 35 bar 180 psi 12 bar 20, 50 100, 250, 500 psi 1.35, 1.8, 3.5, 7,17,35 bar Response Time* Slow Fast Fast Fast Reading Time * Minutes Seconds 5 minutes with 200 ft (tubing Very Fast Readout* Water […]

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February 08 2018


Piezometer Applications Piezometers measure pore-water pressure and ground water levels, providing information essential to: Understanding initial site conditions. Determining safe rates for placement of fill Predicting slope stability. Designing for lateral earth pressures. Evaluating the effectiveness of drainage schemes. Checking the performance of containment systems. Types of Piezometers Standpipe Piezometers The standpipe piezometer is the most basic […]

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