Horizontal Inclinometer Probe


Horizontal inclinometers are used to obtain high resolution profiles of settlement or heave. Typical applications include monitoring settlement and heave under storage tanks, embankments, dams, and landfills.


The Digitilt horizontal inclinometer system consists of inclinometer casing, a horizontal probe, control cable, pull cable, and a readout unit. The inclinometer casing is installed in a horizontal trench or borehole with one set of grooves oriented vertically. The probe, control cable, pull-cable, and readout unit are used to survey the casing.

A survey is conducted by drawing the probe from one end of the casing to the other, halted in its travel at half-meter intervals for inclination measurements (two foot intervals are used for English-unit probes). The first survey establishes the initial profile of the casing. Subsequent surveys reveal changes in the profile if ground movement has occurred.

The horizontal inclinometer probe employs a force-balanced servo-accelerometer that measures inclination from horizontal in the plane of the probe wheels. A change in inclination indicates that movement has occurred. The amount of movement is calculated by finding the difference between the current inclination reading and the initial reading and converting the result to a vertical distance.


Full Settlement Profiles: Horizontal inclinometers provide complete profiles of differential settlement that are useful to facility maintenance engineers as well as designers.

Precise Measurements: The horizontal inclinometer typically provides more accurate and repeatable readings than other settlement profiling systems.

Proven Performance: The servo-accelerometers used in Digitilt probes were designed and manufactured by Slope Indicator. They have earned a world-wide reputation for high precision, superior stability, and rugged construction.

Compatible with both 70 and 85 mm casing: The current version of the horizontal probe is smaller in diameter and is supplied with an adaptor that allows wheels to be set for 70 mm (2.75″ casing) or 85mm (3.34″) casing. Note that earlier versions work only in 85 mm (3.34″) casing and cannot be adapted for use in 70 mm casing.

Low Maintenance: The horizontal inclinometer probe requires very little maintenance, since there are no hydraulic lines or pressure sources to maintain.

DigiPro2 Software: DigiPro2 software supports all types of horizontal inclinometer plots.

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