Tutorial: Downhole Casing Accessories

Save money with Grout Valves & Casing Anchors & ensure and our casing is precisely installed

How do grout valves save money?

  • The grout pipe is operated from inside the casing string. This reduces the necessary install hole diameter.
  • A smaller hole creates a straighter casing.
  • Piezometers and cables sharing the same borehole are protected from damage by the grout pipe.

How do Casing Anchors save you money?

  • Casing anchors increase the likelihood that casing is installed straight and true.
  • They also eliminate the need for emergency ballast systems like drill rod which can break through bottom caps and waste an install.

Casing Anchors and Grout Valves improve the quality of every casing installation and they help to avoid costly installation errors. Unsure of how to use them? Unsure of when to use them? Unsure of how they save money?

The tutorial below outlines on how and when to use these valuable tools!


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