Sondex Settlement System

The Sondex Settlement System is used to monitor settlement and heave in excavations, foundations, dams, and embankments. It can also be installed behind retaining structures, such as sheet piles and slurry walls, and above underground openings, such as tunnels and shafts. The Sondex system indicates the depths at which settlement has occurred as well as the total amount of settlement.


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Instrumentation Manuals

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Data Sheets

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Borehole Extensometers


Extensometers Applications Extensometers are used to measure movements of soil and rock along a single axis. Applications for extensometers include: Monitoring settlement in excavations, foundations, and embankments. Monitoring subsidence above mines and tunnels. Monitoring movements in rock slides, walls, and abutments. Monitoring consolidation of soil under embankments and surcharges. Monitoring compression of piles and soil […]